NextGen PMO

NextGen PMO
According to industry watchers research reveals:

  • Focus:  There can be an over-reliance on methodology. PMOs will identify a particular flavour of Project ‘ology and pursue it zealously. The Project Office, therefore, focuses on outcomes and the alignment of projects to company strategy and defined objectives.
  • Trust: 58% of stakeholders believe that the information they received from their PMO’s is unrealistic. The reporting is often riddled with jargon and corporate 'positioning' therefore of no real value to decision makers.  The Project Office is free from internal politics and provides ‘no-nonsense, Objective reporting.
  • Performance: PMOs were found to be too busy to be truly strategic, most were perceived as bureaucratic. They were failing to demonstrate measurable value to the business as a result.  Asa a Service Provider we must work to demonstrable performance measures.
  • Reliability:  Often PMO staff saw their roles as a steppingstone to something else. PMO skills are eminently transferrable, however high churn rates can lead to cycles of diminishing returns on staff development.   This ceases to be an issue as The Project Office scales to meet your requirements.
The Project Office manages a suite of purpose-built portfolio management solutions for projects and programme management, business support, enterprise architects and business transformation teams. Our solutions ensure that our clients are kept informed that business decisions are supported with genuine data, that risks and issues as a result of changes in project or market direction are highlighted and we maximise resource utilisation and improve financial control.