Meeting your needs

Meeting your needs
From a partnership created in 2000, The Project Office is a specialist business that supports the delivery of Projects to time and budget. Our operating model - TPM2000 ensures that clients pay for the service and experise they need only when needed without carrying the overhead of highly skilled, qualified project professionals and a fully staffed  back office

The Project Office provides professional coordination and management of all aspects of your proposed project. The Project Office provides the drive and control best practice project need through-out the pre-design, design, and design development, run and close out phases including contract documentation and administration.

Using our service model, TPM2000, companies are offered a well-defined methodology along with best practice templates, knowledge base, metrics, and standardised tools. The result being that project estimation, scheduling, and risk mitigation are consistent nothing is missed as we deliver your: 

  • Dashboards
  • Gantt charts
  • Project scheduling
  • Resource planning
  • Team collaboration
  • Time recording and tracking.
  • Issue tracking
  • Project reporting
  • Supplier Management/ Contract Management
  • Procurement and Recruitment Services
  • RIsks & Issues Management
We specialise in IT Transformation, IT Infrastructure and Business Change Programmes.  We will manage all aspects of todays projects including:

  • Covid Compliant Conferencing
  • Online business Meetings
  • Cloud based team Collaboration
  • Content Creation and media management


TPM2000 is at the centre of our execution and contracting strategy, bringing together fundamental activities aimed at protecting planning and budgeting without compromising Project quality and the integrity of client strategy. Our Projects (and by extension our Clients) benefit from an environment which integrates the disciplines of planning, contracting, resource management design and contractual deliverables with document management, team collaboration, reporting and performance management during the project lifecycle.

The complexities of today's capital projects, operating in the digital environment and project teams drawn from consortia and different geographies, brings its own challenges. Our response is to place our TPM2000 Framework and our teams at the heart of your Project Management, Programme governance supporting a unified, collaborative project environment supporting all key disciplines and all phases.

Using TPM2000 enables us to better collaborate and share project content and deliverables in a more controlled, managed environment. We provide our clients with bespoke reports, SLAs, Contract management workflows and visibility into project costs and risks for financial performance monitoring and reporting.

What TPM 2000 offers:

  • Project and contractor performance insights: See exactly how individuals and contractors are contributing on a project. Key performance indicators show the state of your deliverables and reveal bottlenecks. You will see exactly what action is required, and by whom. Then, measure project completion based on current progress and trends;
  • Document Management : Go beyond simple document management to full document control. Accurately manage, distribute, and archive data and information in context across multiple data repositories. Connect all relevant content required to ensure delivery of reliable asset information throughout the project lifecycle;
  • Managed contracts and mitigate project risks: We proactively identify and track risk items to help minimise potential delays and plan for contingency. Create risk items instantly, link them to documents and communications, and view them on your risk register;
  • Managed design content: Integrate and manage engineering, architectural or technology design content. Enable effective control and change management for designs, documents, project deliverables, and other related information types. Increase productivity and team efficiency by managing all content in a single, unified environment; 
  • Regulatory Compliance: We ensure compliance with your organisation's corporate records policy. With advanced file plan and disposition control, all records and associated information are integrated in a comprehensive information model making manual declaration unnecessary. This approach gives visibility to all records throughout the lifecycle for assurance and compliance.  We are GDPR Subject Matter Experts, offering training and consultancy; 
  • Proactive issues resolution:  No nonsense reliable resolution of issues discovered by project team members and/or stakeholders;
  • Tracking change orders and other requests: We track your contractors' and consultants' schedule of values, pay estimates, and change-order proposals electronically. Simply review and approve these documents and your financial reports are automatically updated. 

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The Business Today

The Business Today
The Project Office  is a the trading name of a UK Registered company business Terrington Project Management Limited - Company Number 13062193 Registered Office:  3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London W1B 3HH England.  

Our Company Secretary is: CT Secretaries Limited, Unit 3, Merchant Evegate Business Park, Ashford, Kent TN25 6SX.
We operate as part of the MCW Group of Companies.

TPM2000 is our Service Mark for our Framework for managing Project and Programmes.